The Vézère Valley

The Vézère Valley

Vézère river gave its name to this valley. She is also regularly called "Valley of Prehistory". Along the river is a veritable parade of architectural works that are revealed to you. Castles, mansions, typical and authentic villages, magnificent monuments and other.

Besides these medieval buildings, as indicated by the nickname given to this valley, The Vézère valley houses prehistoric remains of exceptional quality. Fifty kilometers along which are scattered museums, parks, caves and eco-museums that reveal many traces of the past, reflecting 400,000 years of human occupation. You go down this valley from Montignac which is the town that houses the Lascaux Caves and its famous cave paintings discovered in 1940 by teenagers. Therefore, down towards Les Eyzies and Le Bugue, you will have nearly 150
Paleolithic remains of deposits, not less than 25 caves and an impressive amount of tools remains and art works of the time that were discovered. All of this rich collection is unquestionable interest from an ethnological point of view, anthropological and aesthetic. You will end your trip along the valley by the town of Eyzies, that is, globally, a must of prehistory. Les Eyzies also hosts the National Museum of Prehistory, which houses the most comprehensive collection of prehistoric objects.

Today, there are fourteen sites of the Valley of the Vézère that have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO, designating this prehistoric sanctuary as one of the most important archaeological sites in Europe. To further protect this heritage, many national, European and Worldwide programs, are being developed.

To discover around :

The Castle of Hautefort (Hautefort)

Mediaeval fortress which houses a remarkable collection of furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Les Jardins de l’Imaginaire 
trips in the heart of an enchanting garden.


Le Thot

Museum with fac simile of prehistoric animals. Educational workshops.


Site de Castel Merle

Occupied by the Neanderthals 85,000 years ago, and later by the Cro-Magnon 35,000 years ago. One of the highest concentrations of deposits in Europe.

Village de la Madeleine 

A village built along the cliff that tells the story of the man of -17 000 years up to now, through the Middle Ages.

La Roque Saint Christophe
(Peyzac le Moustier) :

 High cliff 80 m and 1 km long along the Vézère, which housed 2,000 men since prehistoric times.

Préhisto Parc 
(Tursac) :

Reproduction on a human scale of life scenes of Neanderthal man.


National museum of the Préhistory: (Les Eyzies de Tayac)

Les grottes des Combarelles
 (Les Eyzies de Tayac) : 

Decorated cave whose walls have more than 200 Magdalenian prints and paintings.


Les Grottes de Font-de-Gaume :
(Les Eyzies de Tayac): 

Grotte ornée, dont les parois comptent plus de 200 gravures et peintures magdaléniennes.

L’abri de Cap Blanc
(Les Eyzies de Tayac):

Prehistoric rock-shelter with dated Magdalenian sculptures of animals.

L’abri Pataud 
(Les Eyzies de Tayac): 

One of the few prehistoric sites in the region to show a dig and present techniques archaeologists.

La Grotte de Rouffignac 
(Rouffignac Saint Cernin)
Nicknamed « 100 Mammouths cave »

Successively visited by cave bears and prehistoric men, the cave retains spectacular testimonies. More than 250 old animal figures old of 150 centuries scattered in the underground labyrinth.

Les Grottes de Lascaux 2
Reconstitution of the cave which was discovered in 1940, with its rock paintings.


Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac
(Le Bugue): 

Truly the chasm cathedral


L’Abri de Laugerie-Haute 
(Les Eyzies de Tayac)

You have to book (in advance) because the site is truly accessible to enlightened amateurs and enthusiasts. The visit lasts only half an hour to protect the site.


Les Grottes de Bara Bahau
 (Le Bugue)

containing many authentic sculptures,
and bear claws …


Le Village du Bournat
(Le Bugue): 

Relive the life of a village in the Perigord 1900. Reconstructions of public buildings (school, post office, chapel, laundry, …) workshops of artcrafts (wood oven, windmill walnuts mill, potter, photographer, weaver wheat, etc.) and fairground rides.



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