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When booking :

It is possible to choose your location on the site when booking. To do so, please give us a list of 5 pitches or accommodation number or define an area. Depending on availabilities at the time of booking, we will be happy to meet your requirements the best way we possibly can.

You can mention these requirements when booking on our site, in the “COMMENT” section.

In this same section, you can also mention your wishes: Proximity to several locations or accommodation, shade, sun, close to play areas or activities, etc.

When booking or requesting a reservation, it is imperative to attach a scan or photo of this voucher or prize which you can send to us by email at It is only upon your arrival that you will be asked for the original of this voucher.

La Paille Basse is no longer affiliated with the ACSI card and therefore no longer offers advantages to this card holders. Please note, however, that La Paille Basse offers equally advantageous prices during the validity periods of this card.

In 2024, the tourist tax amounts to €0.80/day/pers. +18 years old.

In 2024, the amount of the eco-contribution amounts to €0.20/day/person.

A maximum of two animals is tolerated in the accommodation. Please consult us if more than 2.

You must tell us:

This year, La Paille Basse offers you the possibility to book the half board online.

Discover our prices here


Duvets and pillows (60X60) are provided in the accommodation.
Bed linen is not included in our rentals apart in “Premium” mobile homes and “Glamping” tents.      Possibility to hire linen
Towels and household linen are not           provided in the rental.         Possibility to hire towels.
Possibility of parking your vehicle next to your accommodation.
  • Beds in 140X190 in accommodation such as : « Coco », « Tentes Lodge », « Cosy », « Lounge », « Lounge Plus », « Chalets », « Chalets confort ».
  • Beds in 160X200 in accommodation such as : « Zen2000 », « PMR », « Loggia 2 & 3 », « Premium »
  • For smal beds : quilts of 140X200
  • For standard and queen size double beds  : Quilts of 220X240

With adjustments (small bed placed on the side or slipped under the other bed, etc.), it is possible to add a baby cot in the children’s rooms of all accommodation, with the exception of “Chalets” (apart from the living room). For the sake of respect for the material, no removals will be made by us.

Even if TV supports can appear in some illustrative photos, none of our accommodation are equipped with them. Our coverage is terrible and we would have to install a satellite dish in each accommodation to offer TV, which is far from our desire if we want to maintain a beautiful landscape integration of the area.

It’s up to you if you still want to bring your TV and an antenna. However, we do not guarantee the proper functioning of your installation.

None of our accommodation are equipped with air conditioning. We however do rarely receive complaints on this subject. We are located at the top of a hill exposed to the air and in a wooden area. All these parameters mean that the air and shade contribute to a largely bearable atmosphere inside our accommodation.

All our accommodation is of course equipped with heating. Additional heating can even be made available to those who are more chilly on the sometimes cool nights in April.


                                                      All our rentals are equipped with: Microwave, Gas hob, Kettle, Toaster, N°4 filter coffee maker.                                                      The “chalets” and “comfort chalets” are also equipped with dishwashers.
Here you will find all the inventories of our different types of accommodation.                                                                                                                                        Click on the one you are going for :

They are not listed in the inventory but can be requested at reception if necessary.

For ecological reasons, matress protection should be requested from reception upon arrival.

We do provide you with vacuum cleaners at reception for cleaning or for vacuum storage bags.

For safety reasons individual charcoal barbecues are prohibited on the property. Only electric barbecues, or gas barbecues and/or planchas are allowed. Free-use barbecue areas are displayed throughout the structure. We offer gas plancha rentals (20€/day – 70€/week)


You can rent sheets. Flat sheet sets only (No fitted sheets). Rental is per stay. You have the possibility to request a new set at the end of each week of stay.

    • Single Bed Set (€13/stay) contains 2 flat sheets and 1 pillowcase
    • Double Bed Set (€19/stay) contains 2 flat sheets and 2 pillowcases

Price per stay – You can request a new set at the end of each week of stay.

    • The set (10€/stay) contains a small and a big towel

We offer gas plancha rental solution (20€/day – 70€/week)

  • Baby cot : 5.00€/day
  • Baby chair : 5.00€/day
  • Baby kit (Cot + chair + bath) : 10.00€/day


A maximum of two animals is tolerated in the accommodation. Please consult us if more than 2.

According to french regulation, category 1&2 dogs are prohibited in Public Areas. Although aware that there are no bad dogs, but only bad owners, we are obliged to respect the regulation in force.

The presence of animals should be noticed. An additional cost of €6 per day and per animal will be requested.

Except for August 15 and July 14 (fireworks evenings), the barrier closes every day at 11:00 p.m. and reopens at 8:00 a.m. No badge is required to open this barrier.

No bracelets are required on site.

On the map of Souillac that you can download here ici,  you will find the list of all the contacts of doctors and chemists in Souillac.

Few doctors accept new patients. You will also find here the telephone numbers of doctors in the surrounding towns and villages:

Salignac :

Payrac : 00.33.

Cressensac :

For daily care, here are the nursing office numbers that we have recorded for you:

Nurses : &


As we claim on our website, at La Paille Basse, we invite you to enter our bubble, far from the routine and daily hassle. No wifi in our accommodation… it’s a choice we made! At La Paille Basse we have created a place for sharing and exchanges in which you will find numerous common areas including a games and TV room!

La Paille basse provides you with a 24/7 automatic launderette. The price of washing and/or drying: €5.00 (Payable in cash or credit card)

As individual charcoal barbecues are prohibited on the site, collective barbecue areas are displayed throughout the structure.

Open each year as soon as the campsite opens. Opening hours vary depending on the season.

Opens as soon as the campsite opens and remains open during the April french school holidays. It then closes in favor of the restaurant and reopens for the summer holidays.

Opens at the end of the April french school holidays, until the campsite closes.

You will find all the necessary shops and services. Small shops, Lidl, Leclerc, Casino, petrol stations etc… are at your disposal in Souillac.


Swimming pools: The entire complex opens on the opening date of the campsite.

    • The small pool and the paddling pool are also heated upon opening.
    • The large pool is not heated.
    • The opening hours of the domain’s aquatic complex change depending on the season.

It takes place every day of the week except Saturday in high season from 10 a.m. to noon. It welcomes all children aged between 4 and 12 years old.

At La Paille Basse, we cannot claim to offer a “teens’ club”. We offer activities and games that are also intended for them. But it is true that the site mainly attracts families with young children. Teenagers, however, are not left out in the fact that they benefit from a lot of independence here thanks to the security of the place. They always have the habit of meeting and getting together every evening at the “Night Circle” at the entrance of the site. The tears during goodbyes suggest that the teenagers are having a great time at La Paille Basse.

Click here to discover an example of what is on offer to you every week in July and August on the site.

Before considering bringing your bike to La Paille Basse, you should be aware of the fact that La Paille Basse peaks at more than 250m and that you have to climb a steep hill to get there. So it is easy to leave, but more difficult to return. However, the very lightly traveled surrounding roads are fairly safe and easy.

This map lists the marked hikes around La Paille Basse.

For family rides on the banks of the Dordogne, you have a greenway which allows you to connect the nearby of Souillac (10km from the campsite) to Sarlat in complete safety.

For mountain bikers, a large number of circuits are marked on the area and nearby.

You will find on this link the different circuits (mountain bike and hiking) identified in the surrounding area.

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