Château des Milandes


Josephine Baker has contributed to the worldwide fame of the castle of Milandes. The singer raised her twelve children there. However, the history of the castle of Milandes is not just these 30 years.

It was built as a charming residence for Claude de Cardaillac, in the late 15th century at the time of the lords of Caumont. The arms of the family of Caumont enthroned still in the house. Following religion reversal; Caumont family changing from Catholicism to Protestantism, the lords of Caumont, base their supremacy over the Castle of Milandes, until 1578. Date Catholics regain until 1652 by unconventional methods. Then comes the revolution that stands for forfeiture for the castle of Milandes.

It remains to be abandoned and somewhat maintained until 1850. In 1900, Auguste Charles Claverie takes possession, and undertakes many efforts until 1914, involving renowned architects and gardeners. He will bring back to Milandes the whole soul of a castle. Josephine Baker and her husband begins with praise and take full possession until 1969 due to financial problems, which will result in its auction. Josephine Baker live very poorly the events. Several families have then succeeded.
Today, the Castle of Milandes houses an exhibition on Josephine Baker. The restoration work is regularly undertaken, and birds of prey shows are unveiled to the public during the summer.


Eco-museum of Walnuts: :  : Exhibition on one of the flagship products of the area.


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