The most beautiful villages of France : Curemonte

  • Curemonte is a city built on the crest of a hill and offers stunning panoramas. Curemonte was part of the Vicomte de Turenne and benefited sovereignty, at the same time, towards the Crown. The very military architecture of the place, the three castles and noble houses testify to the importance of the city. The participation of Raymond Curemonte in the First Crusade of the Viscount, came out of the ground the first castle of Curemonte.
    A resolutely military castle with the two square towers and battlements. Two families followed the same movement of prestigious buildings: The Plas family and the family of Escaravages. Today, these castles are private and can not be visited. Good views nevertheless allow to see the architectural details of cases magnificent buildings. Her husband having bought two castles of the city, the writer Colette describe the best atmospheres of Curemonte, as she stayed there during the Second World War.

    On the 3rd of August 1908, the 3 Bouyssonie brothers discovered in a small village near Curemonte, the first nearly complete skeleton of a Neanderthal man, and the first burial.

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