Saint Génies

Typical village of the Dordogne, Saint-Genies is worth the visit.
Conveniently located between the villages of Sarlat and Montignac (Lascaux caves), its charm lies above all in the ocher stone houses and their roofs slate.
The village takes its name from Saint Genies, Arles martyr in the 3rd and 4th centuries. It was in 1790 attached to the canton of Cassagne, depending on the Montignac district until 1795, the date of removal of districts. In 1801, the town is attached to the district of Sarlat which becomes in 1965 the district of Sarlat-la-Caneda. The village, although quite small, can boast a consistent history and rich heritage: Romanesque church, Notre Dame of the Assumption, dated from the 12th century and classified as an historic monument in 1943.

It is covered with stones, like most of the houses. The chapel of Cheylard, built in a Gothic style in 1327, dominates the valley and the whole village. You will discover inside beautiful frescoes depicting the life of Christ and the Saints. The remains of the keep of the first castle of Saint-Genies, disappeared at the end of the religious wars, is classified as a historical monument since 1925. The present castle was built in the 16th century by the Lords of Saint-Genies after the destruction of the preceding, consists in two parallel houses dating from the 13th century, originally separated by the first paved street of the village.

A square tower was added a century later. There is a restaurant today. A few steps away, Pelvezy Castle (12th century), looted and partially destroyed in the Middle Ages during the wars of religion and the Hundred Years War, has kept intact the basic square tower and a chapel dating from the 17th century and served as a burial to the lords of the castle. It now houses a holiday center. Finally, do not miss every Sunday morning, on the main square, its beautiful market. A night market is also taking place every Wednesday evening in July-August: the opportunity to meet local producers and discover the Périgord gastronomy.



The gardens of the Manoir d’Eyrignac : 

It is here that we find one of the most beautiful representations of the topiary art that make France one of the most beautiful gardens in France..


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