Souillac in Dordogne Valley


As one of the oldest cities in the region of Haut Quercy, discoveries have led to the same conclusion that Souillac was inhabited in prehistoric times. Then, particularly in the 7th to 12th century, chained monastic presence, which, despite the many successive attacks of Arabs, Normans and English, managed to resist and helped give power and wealth in Souillac. Witnesses of successive religious attendance, you can visit include the abbey church St. Mary and St. Martin church and its belfry.
Therefore become rich feudal city, Souillac enjoys the proximity of the “Riviere Esperance”: The Dordogne. It then becomes one of the most commercial site on the banks of the Dordogne. Coming from Argentat and traveling to the Bordeaux region, the boatmen call at Souillac for loading wood for the manufacture of barrels and boats. Back from the coast, the boatmen returned loaded with salt, fish and wine …
Because of the softness brought by the rivers Dordogne and Borrèze, Souillac also becomes home to an exceptional development and diverse fruit crops. Come then add tobacco.
Between the 19th and 20th century Souillac undergo two major changes which totally transform its economy. The first was the creation of the railway line that will end the work of the boatmen on the Dordogne, and the second, in the early 20th century with the creation of the Bridge “Louis Vicat” spanning the Dordogne, and Souillac that will make a significant step on the axis Paris-Toulouse.
Unmistakable emblems of Souillac through which you should arrive at Souillac railway viaducts. One of them, the “Bramefond Viaduct », linked the country from Aurillac to Bordeaux. The second, “Lamothe Viaduct », below which you will pass, coming to La Paille Basse from Souillac, is still active, and, is used by train from Paris to Toulouse.


Le Musée de l’Automate :

A unique collection of over 300 automata and mechanical toys of the 19 and 20th century.

The distillery Louis Roque

It’s in 1905 that Mr. Roque will practice in Souillac the whole family knowledge.

Souillac Golf and Country Club :

 hole golf course located on an area of 60 ha
In the middle of an oak forest

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